Elisabeth Elektra Calls Us To The Discotheque on ‘I Am the Love (Elektra’s Dance Mix)’

Glasgow-based musical talent Elisabeth Elektra launches a call to the dancefloor with I Am the Love (Elektra’s Dance Mix), a melancholic pop delight.

The original version of the track featured on Elisabeth’s debut album Mercurial which was released in 2020. However the new mix brings some eighties-inspiration with shimmering synths and ethereal vocals turning it into the perfect moody dance anthem.

Spotify’s bio notes: “Something spectacular, and something different…that’s the best way of describing the music of Elisabeth Elektra. A song writer drawing from the cosmic and the familiar to create pop music that’s as addictive and spine-tingling as the stories we’ve been telling for centuries.” This can be felt in the new mix of I Am the Love and the ethereal, dreamy world that Elisabeth crafts through the song and her debut album.

Elisabeth can be found on Twitter and Instagram. You can watch the video for I Am the Love (Elektra’s Dance Mix) above. Stream Elisabeth’s album Mercurial below: