Danish Emerging Talent Soels Releases Soulful Pop Anthem ‘Say It’

Danish emerging talent Soels (also known as Søren Emil Lunøe Schiødt) has dropped his second single, the anthemic Say It. The singer draws on contemporary soul and R&B sounds, citing them as influences in Say It and previous single Free.

Opening with highly-charged percussion, Soels’ release delivers immaculate contemporary pop sounds as he sings: “What the fuck am I supposed to do, when I’m spending every night with you, I don’t ever want to fake it, If you feel it you should say it.” The Danish musical talent’s vocals pack an endearing conviction adorning the organic, anthemic production with ease.

We’re told “Soels grew up playing in various bands and writing songs on his guitar in his teenage room in his hometown of Roskilde in Denmark. Since the age of 15 writing, recording and playing music in different constellations has made songwriting and live music his pride and joy.” We have no doubts that you will be hearing a lot more of this talented Danish singer-songwriter in the coming months.

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