Slayyyter Releases ‘Troubled Paradise’ Single, Reveals Album Coming In June

What are you doing on June 11th? Well you should be preparing to stream Troubled Paradise, the debut album from indie pop chanteuse Slayyyter. The album is preceded by single Troubled Paradise which is available to stream above.

Troubled Paradise is written by Ethan Budnick, John Hill, Jordan Palmer and Slayyyter, with production from Robokid, Hill and Palmer. The singer spoke about her desire to keep her music craftmanship in quite an intimate circle: “I like doing things myself, I always have in every aspect of life. These days, you can make big budget-sounding pop, but have it be totally DIY. These songs are just written by me and my friends. I want to keep the ideas raw.”

Despite the intimate production style, Troubled Paradise feels like a grand, lavish pop anthem powering with sharp synths and rippling electronic production. Slayyyter previously dropped her self-titled mix-tape in 2019.

The expected tracklist can be seen below:

1. Self-Destruct (feat. Wuki)
2. Venom
3. Throatzillaaa
4. Dog House
5. Butterflies…
6. Troubled Paradise
7. Clouds
8. Cowboys
9. Serial Killer
10. Over That
11. Villain
12. Letters