Preview: JCVD’s The Eagle Path

Action fans have been waiting a very long time for Jean-Claude Van Damme’s latest directorial opus, The Eagle Path, occasionally referred to as Soldiers or Full Love. The legendary action star has uploaded a preview clip onto his official Facebook page, with severally scraggily cut segments of the film- Van Damme is still in the process of editing the final cut.

It looks set to contain everything you could want from a later Van Damme picture: ultra violence, dodgy female acting and check out JCVD sticking his tongue out in a weird fashion at 52 seconds in. We also love the car park sequence with the action star thrusting a henchman into lights and the sequence where he enters the mansion on crouched knees.

There is no set release for Full Love Soldiers on the Eagle Pat, or just The Eagle Path but expect frequent updates from JCVD. You can follow him on Facebook.

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