Greyson Chance Prepares New Album With Cathartic New Single ‘Holy Feeling’

Greyson Chance returns with Holy Feeling – the lead single from his upcoming album. The anthemic piano and guitar anthem is produced by Chad Copelin and Teddy Geiger, who also write the track with Greyson and Christian Theriot. The singer spoke about the creation of the track:

“2020 was one of the toughest years of my career. I doubted myself. I fell into mind numbing anxiety. And I didn’t think I was good enough to continue as an artist. It felt like the world and everything I knew was zooming past me, until the day we wrote Holy Feeling. The song brought back colour into my life, and I remembered the joy of singing for you, of sharing my story with you. Let Holy Feeling serve as a reminder to bet on yourself, to keep on going, and to cherish the things that make you FEEL.”

The emotive tone of Holy Feeling is evident, almost cathartic in its delivery with Greyson documenting the healing power of music.

Holy Feeling follows Greyson’s standalone singles: Boots, Dancing Next to Me, Honeysuckle and Bad to Myself. Details of Greyson’s new album are yet to be unveiled.