Hunter Hayes Drops Soaring New Single ‘The One That Got Away’ From ‘Red Sky’ Album

Hunter Hayes returns with The One That Got Away, his first single since his Wild Blue Part 1 project from 2019. The track is penned by Hunter, Sam Ellis and Sara Haze, with Hunter producing alongside Andrew Wells.

A big bolshy feel-good contemporary country anthem is set to feature on Hunter’s upcoming Red Sky album. “Don’t know how I escaped, Breathing better cause I’m better now, In the middle of the night, Made it to the other side, You can run but you can’t catch me now, I’m the one that got away,” Hunter sings on the track which appears to document escaping a toxic relationship.

Hunter notes: “The song came from realizing that certain things I was holding onto so tightly were slowly destroying me, and from feeling weightless and free once I finally let go.”  Release details regarding Red Sky are yet to be unveiled.