Trailer: Zac Efron in At Any Price

Zac Efron is an actor that continually manages to impress us. After initially sticking to the traditional romantic roles a young heartthrob may be associated with (17 Again, The Lucky One), the actor has taken on a variety of more diverse and challenging roles in recent months from The Paperboy to upcoming JFK drama, Parkland.

His latest sees him team up with Dennis Quaid for father-son drama, At Any Price. The film follows a struggling farmer (Quaid) as he gradually loses control of his business and tensions begin to flair up between he and son, Dean (Efron).

Whilst it does not look set to become a modern classic, At Any Means looks like solid genre entertainment – and from the trailer it appears we are getting powerful turns from Quaid and Efron. Colour us excited (and not just for the vest-kissing scene at 1:47).

At Any Price has no set release date as of yet. Heather Graham and Clancy Brown also star.

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