Isabella Miremadi Drops Raw and Heartfelt New Single ‘Since They All Left Me’

Isabella Miremadi touches on delicate emotional concepts in her latest single Since They All Left Me which delves into feelings off loss at the end of a relationship.

The Baltimore native provides delicate vocals against absorbing and intimate guitar instrumentation to craft a nostalgic and emotionally raw fusion. There’s a sense of authenticity that strikes listeners from lyrics such as “Cause I haven’t felt at home, since they all left me, how do I let go? Where do I put my feelings?” capturing the feelings of confusion and isolation when a relationship ends.

Isabella tells us: ““Since They All Left Me” is about the loss one feels after the end of a relationship and/or friendship. It’s wondering if that person misses you as much as you miss them, and not being able to let the past go and move on. This song is about keeping these people within you even though they aren’t physically around. And at the end of the song, you reach the realization that if you were okay before you met this person, then you can be okay again without them too. “

The track follows Isabelle’s previous releases Hell on Earth and Mr. President. You can connect with on Spotify and Instagram.

Khalila Early-Zald