NY-Based Indie Pop Talent Alex Greif Channels Dancefloor Ecstasy on New Song ‘Ungrateful’

New York based indie pop talent Alex Greif has delivered a dancefloor centred slice of sass on his latest release Ungrateful. The singer was inspired by the sudden ending of a friendship in a time of need for the freshly-released house anthem.

Racked with sultry disco vocals, slapping synths and thumping deep house beats, Ungrateful is a shimmering attitude-filled delight. Alex told us: “The pain of losing someone so close to you when you’re already dealing with other losses in your personal life was the catalyst for this dance diss track. After feeling heart felt shaken and betrayed and the panic from the trauma left me feeling smaller than ever.”

Alex delivers a song meant to encapsulate the moment of a mic drop after having the final word on his side of the story and laying it all on the table. The track follows his recent releases Waiting For You and L.A. Affair.

You can connect with Alex below. Stream Ungrateful above.