Poster Alert: Before Midnight

As you may have seen from our review of Safe Haven, romantic dramas can often be a hit or miss – it is so easy for one to come across as superficial or over-sentimental. However, Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight looks set to buck that trend.

Before Midnight follows on from the magnificent Before Sunrise in 1995 (AKA the greatest romance of all time) and its sequel, Before Susnet in 2004. We are once again reunited with Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) after the pair meet in Greece, nine years on from their last last encounter.  

Early reviews are signalling that Before Midnight continues to meet the brilliantly high standards of its predecessors and it seems, shall not leave fans disappointed.

Before Midnight receives its US release on the 24th May 2013. UK release to follow.

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