Rising Country Talent Willie Jones Announces Debut Album ‘Right Now’

American country star Willie Jones has revealed details of his highly anticipated debut album Right Now, which is due on January 22nd. The singer who has gone on to amass millions of listens on Spotify on tracks such as Bachelorettes on Broadway and Back Porch, precedes the album with an animated video for his latest streaming hit, Down For It featuring T.I.

The album contains Willie’s previously mentioned tracks: Down For It, Bachelorettes on Broadway, and Back Porch, as well as previous releases Whole Lotta Love and Trainwreck. However one of the tracks we are most excited about is the January 18th scheduled American Dream – a social commentary on racial equality in the USA. You can see the full tracklist below:

1. Country Soul
2. Back Porch
3. Bachelorettes on Broadway
4. Down For It
5. American Dream
6. Right Now
7. Trainwreck
8. Drank Too Much
9. Whole Lotta Love
10. Actions
11. Down For It (JD Walker Version) featuring T.I.
12. Down For It (Lamar “MyGuyMars” Edwards Remix) featuring T.I.

The rising talent manages to incorporate elements of country, soul and R&B into his releases, carving a truly unique path for himself through the genres. You can connect with Willie on his Instagram. Right Now arrives on January 22nd.