Red Band Trailer: Kiss of the Damned

We’re sick of tame, PG-13 vampire films. Vampires are the most gruesome, blood-hungry and sensual monsters in the horror genre, so its about time we got to see them that way. Thank God, for Xan Cassavetes and her latest feature, Kiss of the Damned.

We see Djuna (Joséphine de La Baume), a beautiful vampire attempt to resist the advances of handsome screenwriter, Paolo (Milo Ventimiglia), but she eventually succumbs to her passions. The arrival of Djuna’s sister, Mimi (Roxane Mesquida), disrupts this love affair and soon causes chaos among the vampire community.

Kiss of the Damned looks like an orgy of blood soaked visuals and steamy eroticism, and with the talented Cassavetes behind the project we know it won’t lack any substance. By substance, we think we mean naked Milo Ventimiglia. 
Kiss of the Damned hits US theatres on the 3rd of May 2013.


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