Charlie Fisher Takes Us To a Glorious Party On New Single ‘City Pop’

Remember parties, dancing and nightclubs? Charlie Fisher manages to evoke the spirit of a great night out on his latest single City Pop. The artist who brought us the divine Dollar Perfume album in 2020, starts the new year with a bang with his next musical chapter.

City Pop is produced by Boy Sim, written by Charlie, and features single art (which you can see below) by Fairy Boy. Packed with shimmering synth production, pounding basslines and a chorus that evokes the classic dancepop banger, City Pop is without doubt Charlie’s most accomplished work yet. Capturing the imagery and sound of classic disco, lyrics such as “Cause tonight we’re immortal, at the discotheque, wheels turn round, the soaring sound of the ones who came before us, the legacy of you and me, that city pop” help the track shine as a glorious piece of escapism.

You can stream City Pop above. Connect with Charlie below.