Rising Talent tome. Drops Their Latest Single ‘WINTER ZEPHYR’ and New EP ‘AETHEREAL III’

Rising talent tome. tells us “I make retro-futuristic pop music and my aim is to stretch the pop boundaries into a more palatable formula.” This is something that you can sample on their freshly dropped single WINTER ZEPHYR and EP AETHEREAL III.

They describes their latest single WINTER ZEPHYR as “a dance-pop banger that is about being nonchalant about cutting the toxic people out of your life, being unbothered and focused on your growth as they still reach for you.” This carefree joy is something evident from the track which shines through its empowered beats and tome.’s delightfully relaxed and unforced vocal delivery.

The track features on their EP AETHEREAL III which showcases similar progressive pop that teeters the line between retro and futuristic. tome. notes “The whole EP is about growth and marks an adventurous turn as I infused experimental and abstract sounds throughout all the tracks, which renders a memorable and striking experience.” The minimalist style of BETTER impresses thanks to a mellow hypnotic groove, whilst NAUTICA feels like a soundtrack to an atmospheric arthouse sci-fi project.

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