Bonnie Tyler Unveils New Album ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’ for 2021, Single ‘When the Lights Go Down’

The British pop icon and former Eurovision entrant Bonnie Tyler has unveiled the details surrounding her eighteenth studio album The Best is Yet to Come and its recently released lead single. The Total Eclipse of the Heart hitmaker’s newest release is called When the Lights Go Down and feels like a return to Bonnie’s classic pop-rock sound of the eighties.

With a powerhouse chorus packed with feelings of synth-tinged nostalgia, When the Lights Go Down is a big eighties-inspired rocker with the singer’s charismatic presence felt throughout. The singer discusses the lead single a little further: “When The Lights Go Down is a nostalgic love song, heavy with melancholy and hopeful love simultaneously. This song is for everyone who has lost their heart to the 80s – grab your loved one and turn your living room into a dance floor until it feels like the summer of ’85 again.” The single and album are a result of Bonnie’s collaboration with regular producer David Mackay.

The singer discusses some trepidation about releasing a new album during the Coronavirus pandemic: “I have been anxious to sing for you all for the past 10 long and scary months. I realize some of you have suffered from the virus and loss of family and friends and my heart aches for you. Music can lighten our load and is always my personal retreat. I hope these new songs will lift your spirits. I am so happy and proud of this new album. It simply rocks and brings a smile to my face every time I put it on. The moment we can get back on stage and see your smiling faces will be extra special. I promise the best IS yet to come.”

You can see the full tracklist below:

1. The Best Is Yet To Come
2. Dreams Are Not Enough
3. Hungry Hearts
4. Stuck To My Guns
5. When The Lights Go Down
6. Stronger Than A Man
7. I’m Not In Love
8. Somebody’s Hero
9. Call Me Thunder
10. I’m Only Guilty (Of Loving You)
11. You’re The One
12. Catch The Wind

Pre-order Bonnie’s latest here. In addition to the new album, Bonnie also announced her new 2022 European tour.