Brandyn Killz Drops ‘Find Me on the Dance Floor’ EP

One of our favourite artists to feature in 2020 was the wonderful Brandyn Killz. We are delighted that the rising talent is back with his Find Me on the Dance Floor EP and the electropop artist undoubtedly achieves his goals of “helping bring my listeners Closer to Closure {navigating a positive headspace after dealing with heartbreak, loss, anxiety, etc} and back to the dance floor.”

Brandyn is the perfect artist for 2020, brimming with a sense of positivity and hope, with the singer noting “The ultimate goal is to empower individuals to be happy based on their own validation. Basically, I’m the hype man that keeps you feeling like you’re “100% that bitch” at all times.” 

Find Me on the Dance Floor features nine tracks, some of which will be familiar to fans of Brandyn including his 2020 singles Bones (about the joys of finding purpose and never taking yourself too seriously), Find Me on the Dance Floor (a banger of a revenge anthem about seeing your ex at a club), Outta Control (a high energy pop anthem inspired by Beyoncé’s Countdown), Alright (a love letter to Brandyn’s friends) and Party Of One (a ninteties inspired bop). Other delights come in the form of tracks such as Broken Toy written and produced completely by Brandyn about resilience and bouncing back after heartbreak as he croons “Sew me up. Dust me off and I’m ready to play.” Further joy comes in the attitude-packed Walk featuring AmbDyn Alley (who also makes an appearance on Party Of One) which Brandyn notes takes a combative style. A remix of Alright and an acoustic redux of Find Me on the Dance Floor bring further variety to the set.

Brandyn and collaborators WarPaint Diaries and AmbDyn Alley have crafted a high energy, attitude filled call to the dancefloor with this release. The empowering set shows Brandyn is an artist we should all be very excited about.

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