Hanssøn Drops Ethereal New Electronic Pop Gem ‘No Drama Llama’

Hanssøn slips one of best titled tracks into 2021, the ethereal electropop track No Drama Llama. The singer notes this is second single from Phases, a string of releases set to coincide with the full/new moon – it follows the previously released Monotony.

Produced by David Sisko, No Drama Llama captures a sense of mysticism conjuring up spacey, surrealist imagery – perhaps to be expected with a title as surreal as that. Hanssøn croons “people talk about me like I’m alien on the spaceship yep ready to ascend people looking at me like I’m alien I just bring peace won’t you be my friend” against scintillating electronic production, delivery vocal majesty and transporting us to another world.

Hanssøn notes: “This song I wrote in maybe 30 minutes? I was getting up at 5am and writing every morning, it turned into #songsbeforesunrise on my IG stories, I wanted to share my creative process, a lot of artists have felt really stagnant, and people wanted to hear more of what I was writing.”

The video for No Drama Llama drops tonight. You can stream the track above and connect with Hanssøn on Instagram and Twitter here.