Interview: Rising R&B Star S.C. Undercover Talks New Single ‘Sex Me Like U Want 2’

We found out a little bit more about rising talent S.C. Undercover who has recently dropped new single Sex Me Like U Want 2. The track establishes S.C. as a truly exciting figure in the pop world, with the track showing an ear for a great pop hook and an artistic production style.

1. Can you briefly talk me through how Sex Me Like U Want 2 came about? It’s got a real sense of funkiness and classic soul/R&B to it – was that always the intention?

I just had a real desire to create something that expressed freedom and sensuality that contrasted sharply with the negative feelings that life sometimes brings. Yeah it was always my intention to create an uptempo feel good R&B record with heavy Pop influences.

2. Your singles of 2020 have all had quite a diverse flavour to them and transgressed various genres. What usually directs the type of music you make?

“I go off feeling, in all honesty whatever I feel like working on, whatever is inspiring me at that given moment I go with”

3. Were there any distinctive influences behind Sex Me Like U Want 2 in terms of artists or tracks you were listening to?

Absolutely I was listening to a lot of Bowie, Prince and George Michael whilst making this.”

4. Is Sex Me Like U Want 2 representative of your next single? Can you tell me what we can expect from that?  

“Yes I have something I would like to follow up with, along the same context but more striped back and traditionally R&B based.”

5. If you could some up S.C. Undercover as an artist in a few words, how would you describe yourself?

” Different, grounded and guided by sound”

6. Who are the artists that have been getting you through the ups and downs of 2020?

” You know I have actually been listening to a lot of Cafe Del Mar as of late more ambient chill out music to try and reduce stress and anxiety.

7. Is Sex Me Like U Want 2 inspired by anyone in particular or any distinct events in your life?

” Yes so the first half is more character inspired .The interlude section is inspired by direct events and feelings to how I feel at certain times regarding things in my life and my future.”  

8. You’ve already released 2018 album Past Times. Is the plan to follow this up with a sophomore LP or do you prefer the standalone single approach to releasing music at the moment?

I have a back catalogue that would make an album but it’s not good enough to be released, for the moment I have a couple of singles left ready to be released then I’ll see what happens with everything.

9. If you could feature an artist you admire on a future release, who would it be?

” That’s so tough because there are a lot of super amazing artists I can’t choose just one”  

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