Music: Carry On with Donna & Giorgio

You know when you listen to a song and think ‘This is so brilliant, I can’t believe that I’m only hearing it for the first time now,’ well we had one of these moments a couple of years ago when discovering Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder’s 1992 track Carry On for the first time. Now a few years later, we’ve had this moment again – and to be honest, we’re a little bit angry that we let ourselves forget about this masterpiece.

Carry On marks the first time that Donna and Giorgio had worked together since the early 1980s – and its a belting pop ballad in true Donnagiorgio fashion – just listen to this opening synth beats followed by Donna’s heavenly vocals…Perfection.

Just so we don’t forget how amazing it is (again), here is is. Hopefully this will be new to some of you folks too.