Evripidis and His Tragedies Release Dreamy Von Trier Inspired ‘Melancholia’ and Official Video

If we needed any more reason to love Evripidis and His Tragedies then we have one; the fact that the Greek singer references Lars von Trier’s cinematic tour de force Melancholia in his latest single. Taking the same name as the film, the contemporary synth anthem tackles the tough concept of trying to stay afloat emotionally when a spiral of depression calls.

The track was written after the singer faced a homophobic attack in his hometown of Athens back in 2014, making the emotive subject matter of the track even harder hitting. Packed with evocative imager Evripidis sings: “Melancholia is closing in, Resistance is futile, I’ll have to give in, Will it be a fly-by or a full on collision, A dance of death, in all its precision, In any case I swear, I don’t care,” poignantly capturing the mental battle at the heart of the track. The narrative of the song perfectly parallels the end of the world nearing tale at the heart of Von Trier’s 2011 Charlotte Gainsbourg starring classic.

Female vocals that make up the backing choir are made up of Evripidis’ personal friends and collaborators in the Barcelona underground scene-serve, shining as an empowering choral elevation that pushes the narrator to keep fighting.

We recently featured the uplifting synth gem Your Dreams from Evripidis and His Tragedies. You can connect with the handsome star below:

Lead photo: Daniel Riera