Brendan Maclean Releases Euphoric Funk Delight ‘Sensational’

Queer Aussie pop talent Brendan Maclean releases a joyous slice of funk-pop to warm our Winter months with Sensational. The track which you can stream above follows Brendan’s previous 2020 gems Easy Love and Gemini.

On his Instagram the singers notes the inspiration behind the track: “For joy resonators out there and everyone who needs some resonated their way. I love this song, hope you love it too. Ur sensational baby!” This is a track that certainly does achieve its aim of radiating joy. It’s a ballsy energetic delight that shines through its blistering percussion and electric bass, whilst futuristic synths and Brendan’s soaring vocals take us to a funky disco paradise.

The track is produced by Missy and co-written by Brendan, Abigal Knudson, Devin Abrams, Jon Lemmon, and Kingdon Chapple-Wilson. Brimming with highly-charged energy, Brendan sings “Punk scene hot show, Cop car too slow, Foot loose, hot road, Now sex my pistol,” on one of the punchy imagery fuelled verses.

The track is a wonderful way to close Brendan’s trio of 2020 singles. You can connect with him here.

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