The Frock Destroyers Drop Synthpop Anthem ‘Big Ben’ and Official ‘Her Majesty’ Video Ahead of Debut Album Release

The Frock Destroyers – made up RPDR UK favourites Divina De Campo, Baga Chipz, and Blu Hydrangea – make it clear that they are incredibly serious about becoming the UK’s best new girlgroup. The trio who are due to release their debut album FROCK4LIFE this Friday have whetted our appetites further with new single Big Ben.

Following on from the barnstorming Her Majesty, The Frock Destroyers sing of a man named Big Ben with a rather large secret, against pulsating synth beats. All three Queens sound wonderful against the immaculate electronic production which evokes Pete Burns and The Pet Shop Boys’ icy synths of Jack + Jill Party. The ladies sing “Big Ben, he’s keeping a big secret, Big Ben, so big you can’t unsee it…” followed by an infectious chorus of “I wanna wannas.”

The track is written by Leland and Gabe Reali, and produced by Leland and Gabe Lopez. It will feature alongside previously released tracks Break Up (Bye Bye) and Her Majesty on the upcoming FROCK4LIFE. See the full tracklist below:

1. Frockmatica 1
2. Her Majesty
3. Frockmatica 2
4. Big Ben
5. Fame Whore
6. Frockmatica 3
7. Frock4Life
8. How’s The Lighting?
9. Break Up Bye Bye
10. Break Up Bye Bye (Much Betta Remix)

The ladies also released their video for stadium-pop anthem Her Majesty which you can see below.

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