Gwen Stefani Drops Tropical Flavoured Comeback ‘Let Me Reintroduce Myself’

In the words of a woman who needs no introduction “Whatever song you want me to sing I’ll do it. Gwen Stefani, I can sing. Prince, I can sing. Sheila E, Kylie, Da… er I probably could do Dannii as well.” But now we don’t need the iconic Rachel Lester to do Gwen Stefani as the the very lady herself is reintroducing herself on sorta-comeback single Let Me Reintroduce Myself.

Thought to be the No Doubt frontwoman’s lead single from her fifth studio album, the track steers away from the Christmas and Country sounds that she has previously dabbled with. Written by Ross Golan, Luke Niccoli & Gwen Stefani, the track is also produced by Niccoli.

Reminding the world that she is very much still here, Gwen croons “Let me re—, let me reintroduce myself, ‘Case you forgot, no, I’m not records on your shelf, I’m still the original-riginal old me, yeah” against mellow reggae-tinged pop beats. It’s a woozy tropical flavoured comeback where Stefani’s distinctive vocals shine against immaculate production. We’re very excited to hear more about Gwen’s latest album.

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