Trailer: January Jones in Sweet Vengeance

January Jones heads the cast of Sweet Vengeance, a gritty revenge Western from director Logan Miller. 

Miguel and Sarah are newlyweds who are challenged by a corrupt preacher who demands their patch of land. Soon a bitter battle for the land ensues with the couple’s new found happiness shortly being destroyed.

Sweet Vengeance looks like a stylish, brutal Western  – in a similar vein to Django Unchained, yet still retaining a distinct sense of originality. It has all the narrative attributes of a strong Western – revenge, blood lust  and an eccentric palette of characters.

Jones looks set to impress as the heroine (something that we don’t see enough of in the genre), whilst Jason Isaacs appears truly menacing as Preacher Josiah. We’re also rather excited for Ed Harris’s oddball turn as an eccentric Sheriff who becomes entwined in the case.

Sweet Vengeance hits stores on the 3rd of June.


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