Queer Pop Sensation Joe Hythe Releases ‘Boy Blue’ EP

We recently featured Essex-based singer songwriter Joe Hythe and his single Ghost. The track now features on Joe’s freshly-released Boy Blue EP alongside previously-released track Dorian as well as a Voice Memo intro, title track Boy Blue, and concluding track Sugar.

Joe notes: “I fell for a bad boy. I started writing songs about him, started designing videos in my head, I changed how I dressed, what I drank, how I sang. I got over the boy pretty quick but it was too late to get over the project that was ‘Boy Blue’.”

“My life is kind of ugly and kind of sad but it’s also funny, and beautiful, and cinematic. I wanted to glorify my experiences, fictionalise them, make them into something more than sad memories, that seemed the only way to do justice to the intensity of feeling that a crush like mine brought on.”

Boy Blue is a moody electronic composition with a soaring chorus and straight to the heart lyrics such as “The boy I love hates my guts,” and “Looks me dead in the eyes and says that I’m the one he wants, deep down I know it’s not me.” Fellow new track Sugar is a woozy closer that once again presents Joe’s poignant lyricism against mellow electronic beats. The EP is a wonderful collection all tied to the story that Joe previously mentions of his unrequited bad boy-centred love. It’s raw, immaculately produced, pop excellence.

See the full tracklist:

  1. Voice Memo #1
  2. Boy Blue
  3. Ghost
  4. Dorian
  5. Sugar

Cover image: @madspierce