Barcelona-Based Queer Pop Star Leo Segura Release Dreamy Pop Delight ‘White Noise’

Barcelona native Leo Segura sings about the challenges of sleeping during the pandemic – something that will be relatable to many listeners whose sleep patterns have been as chaotic as the year itself. The aspiring queer pop star teases the ethereal dreamy qualities of sleep in the the woozy, relaxing production – something matched by his gently entrancing vocals.

Leo notes: “I wrote White Noise for who’s ever experienced sleep problems during this pandemic, just like me. I believe music can be therapeutical. my anxiety increased because of COVID-19 and this song was born one night in the attempt of looking for a sound to relax myself.”

With a dreamy chorus that sees Leo sing: “When I close my eyes, My inner wolf, Starts to howl, I still hear my mind, Please, plug me, Into a white noise…” the song evokes imagery of the mysticism of the idea of sleep. The track is due to feature on Nocturnal, Leo’s larger project – a tribute to his different moods in the night.

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