Music: Mariah Carey’s Most Decadent Tweets

Mariah’s grip of the charts may be slipping, but thank heavens she’s still managing to entertain a staggering 11 million-plus dedicated LAMBs on Twitter. Like her music videos, Mariah’s Twitter pictures are true works of art – showcasing the star’s decadent lifestyle and hilariously over the top behavior. Given this, we’ve compiled a feature showcasing just why Mariah is the ultimate diva of the music industry, with the help of her gratuitously brilliant Twitpics. Of course whilst you look through these, we recommend you have your speakers up full with this playing. All images courtesy of Mariah Carey’s Twitter Page.

3rd June 2013 -2.19AM – Flawless and scantily-clad diva caught in headlights

10th April 2013 -10.54PM – Flawless diva tends to lips in a seductive manner.

2nd April 2013 – 11.56PM- Flawless diva swims in a ballgown which she dubs as ‘having a mermaid moment’

2nd April 2013 – 11.43PM – The flawless diva is celebrated with a huge firework display by foreign natives.

15th February 2013 – 2.12AM – The flawless diva shares a bath with a wet creature named Jill E Beans.

15th February 2013 – 1.55AM – The flawless diva notes she is being ‘consumed by bubbles’ prior to her Valentine’s Rendezvous.

26th June 2012 – 12.02AM – The flawless diva has a ‘hallway moment’ in her dominion of London

We couldn’t omit this little gem either. It’s a real tour de force.

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