Trailer: Josh Henderson in Rushlights

We weren’t expecting one of the new arrivals to be the highlight of TNT’s Dallas continuation, but Josh Henderson truly dominates the screen as the late J.R’s son, John Ross. It’s also no surprise that the young star has landed a slew of film roles as a result of this stellar performance.

Henderson will star in Swelter with Jean Claude Van Damme later this year, but prior to this the actor is leading straight to DVD thriller Rushlights. Henderston stars with Haley Webb, as two young lovers from LA who falsely claim a dead friend’s inheritance in the South. However, in doing so raise the suspicions of Beau Bridges‘ inquisitive Sheriff.

Antoni Stutz’s feature doesn’t look set to provide anything other than a few slick straight to DVD thrills, but we’re sure it’ll be reasonably fun. If it’s not at least the Stutz has the common sense to film Henderson strutting around in a tank-top.

Rushlights receives its US release on 21st June 2013, with international dates to follow.

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