Manchester-Based Artist Marcus Connolly Drops Grungy Trash Pop Anthem ‘Sting!’

The manic trash pop sound of Manchester-based rising talent Marcus Connolly’s freshly-released single Sting! feels ripe for 2020. It’s an angry, attitude-filled track which sees the artist play with genres – with pop-tinged hooks mixed with a grungy trap metal sound – all powered with a rippling guitar bassline.

The singer tells us “Sting!’ is a song about facing adversity and coming out the other side with arrogance,” with the track lyrically describing a manic state of mind with Marcus asserting “I got a sting in my tale” in the earworming chorus. It’s a brash, cocksure anthem brimming with energy and unlikely to be quickly forgotten.

Marcus is due to drop his next mixtape Fresh Hell early 2021. He has built up an impressive musical discography with prior releases The New Normal, Boy, Interrupted, Drippin’, and Digital Dreamland.

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