Singer-Songwriter Tom Skinner Releases Gorgeous Tranquil Guitar-Pop Anthem ‘Change’

Rising musical talent Tom Skinner delivers a much-needed slice of joy to 2020 with his latest single Change. The Plymouth hailing singer-songwriter delivers a tranquil slice of guitar pop that enchants through his inviting vocals and gentle charisma.

Change sees Tom collaborate with Jennie Marie, who he also collaborated with on previous tracks Comfort, That Way, and Lungs. It’s no wonder they reunite for Change, the fusion of their voices against subtle percussion and guitar production, set against the calming sounds of running water, conjures up gorgeous naturalistic, harmonious imagery.

Tom told us: ‘Change’ is all about that feeling that you get when you feel like you aren’t the best version of yourself. I just remember thinking about how much I want to grow as a person and ‘change’ myself (for the better) to be the best version of myself for the person I love. It’s yeah just kind of a note to myself and to them about how good I want to be for them.’

Change is another success in Tom’s impressive ever-growing discography, shining as a mature songwriter who taps into heartfelt emotions in a tender, unforced manner. You can connect with him here.