Queer Portuguese Pop Star Nuno Freitas Takes Us to a Gorgeous Sonic Soundscape With ‘Arcadia’

Portuguese songwriter Nuno Freitas conjures up some staggeringly earthy, poetic imagery on his latest single Arcadia – a slice of anthemic queer pop with an intellectual edge.

“Fruits hanging from the tree, Birds flying free, Nature’s power has no boundaries, Desire has no rules” Nuno sings on the track which conjures up some of the rich imagery of the concept of Arcadia – a vision where nature is viewed in all its bountiful glory. Nuno’s vocals are magnificently engaging, transporting us to this beautiful mountainous paradise with emotive, soulful gusto.

The production is rich and vibrant, making lines such as “Here I can escape from all the sorrows, Here I can forget about tomorrow, Here’s a people I can call my own, Here’s a place where I can make my home (my home)” resonate with a potent impact and woozy sense of wonder and beauty. The track was written by Fiorenzo Palermo and Nuno.

Stream Arcadia above. Connect with Nuno your new favourite queer Portuguese artist below: