Introducing Queer Bueno Aires-Based Pop Duo Dear John and the Lab Machines

Dear John and the Lab Machines are an Argentina based pop duo working in Buenos Aires, producing tracks with an impressive cerebral Latin pop sound. Their most recent track Otra Vez – a collaboration with BAZZ – is just the tip of the iceberg of an impressive, ever-growing discography.

We want to highlight them, particularly their tracks which dip into queer-friendly themes such as Robot Heart, an impressive English language release for the duo (who dip between languages for releases). The indie pop track sees lyrics such as “(Boy, boy) why won’t you become my lover?, (Boy, boy) run away with me, let’s go, (Boy, boy) I might even have a soul,” help shine as rich, romantic storytelling whilst channelling their themes of sci-fi throughout.

This year marked the release of their first music video for poetic 2020 single Huracán which saw the group pair their imagery-filled sound with aesthetics to match. Dear John and the Lab Machines have also released their first two EPs – Rubicon and Rubicon, Vol. II with more music on the horizon.

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