Lavender Boy Delivers ‘Lie Like That’ A Breezy Heartbreak Anthem

Lavender Boy releases his second single Lie Like That – a chipper synth-packed pop treat that tackles the story of a relationship in the downward spiral. With amusingly self-aware lyrics, Lie Like That dips into the bittersweet craziness of a love that sees us forgive when we shouldn’t necessarily do so.

Lavender Boy tells us Lie Like That is “a pop method of being angry at certain men who promised to take me to fame with them and then break up with me which would be fine if they weren’t such a jerk about it and I wasn’t such a sucker.” With lyrics and a narrative that will connect to many within the queer community, Lavender Boy also impressed with his soft, earnest vocals which shine against the breezy synth production.

Taking his name for old-fashioned slang for gay men, Lavender Boy cites Rachel Stevens, Sigrid, Girls Aloud, Robyn and Carly Rae Jepsen are his musical influences (the taste certainly did jump out!) and began recording music as a means of closure after one tough relationship too many. His first single Pseudosexual was released in August and tackled the idea of straight-gay flirtation.

Connect with Lavender Boy here. You can stream Lie Like That above.