Boy Untitled x Gess Unite to Deliver Haunting Electronic Club Anthem ‘Imposter’

LA based recording artist Boy Untitled combines forces with queer pop heartthrob Gess for new collaboration Imposter. The track is set to feature on Boy Untitled’s Zenith project due in 2021 and sees the artist dip into haunting club sounds for this brooding electronic anthem.

“Imposter, I can’t take all these eyes on me, Imposter, afraid you might look to deep,” Boy Untitled sings on the track, with the artist noting “we delve into the ideas of feeling seen for who we truly are, and the barriers that we create for ourselves to protect our identities and perceptions of safety. Rattling the idea of our vulnerabilities and disguises.” Likely to resonate particularly strongly with queer audiences, Imposter eloquently tackles concepts of identity and security, whilst simultaneously bringing original, scintillating electronic beats from Gess and emotive vocals from Boy Untitled.

The singer adds: ““Imposter,” on its surface, is a song about confronting imposter syndrome and the crippling effects it can have in our lives; a metaphor about the masks we wear in the social media/public sphere. On a deeper level, it’s about the current state of our world and how we’ve had to adapt to new methods of human connection in 2020. Relationships that exist between lenses, mirrors, and technology. Are they real? Do they satisfy? At its core, “Imposter” asks: “Where does the person I present to the world meet the person I’m too afraid to be?” 

Connect with Gess and Boy Untitled on their respective Instagram pages. Stream Imposter above.