Rising French LGBTQ+ Artist DAPAW Releases Bilingual Electronic Pop Album “Amour Abusé” and Drops “No More” Video

We believe music can transcend any language, and French LGBTQ+ artist DAPAW caught our attention on Instagram, where we were quick to discover his latest musical collection Amour Abusé (which roughly translates as Abused Love). The set features thirteen songs dipping between French and English and playing with a variety of engaging electronic pop sounds.

DAPAW notes: “I’m super excited to show you my world in this EP. I go through all the emotions .. I express myself about my personal life and certain events.” This feels clear from a few listens to Amour Abusé, it’s a deeply personal album that sees DAPAW dip into life’s highs and lows.

Highlights include Flash Back, an attitude filled pop-anthem powered with a rippling bassline and DAPAW’s fast-paced vocal delivery. Sorry Baby feels like an incredibly honest track with DAPAW detailing the in-and-outs of a relationship. White Fox plays with R&B sounds, with the singer delivering an edgy vocal against minimalist electronic production, whilst No More‘s immaculate production echoes classic nineties/early-noughties house music, with DAPAW’s sultry vocals entrancing atop the icy soundscape. There are also numerous rewards to be found on impeccable French tracks Griff moi, Libre, and many others.

DAPAW has also dropped the video for his infectious track NO MORE. The French musician manages to showcase his charisma and star power in the video for slick electronic pop jam. You can watch this above.

A pretty face and a budding French musical superstar. What’s not to love?

You can stream Amour Abusé below. Connect with DAPAW on Instagram.