Four Comedy Movies That Are Not Funny

Just because a movie is labelled as a comedy doesn’t mean that everybody will find it funny. What one person finds hilarious may not necessarily be amusing to another. Similarly, an adventurous game at NetBet UK could be appealing to some people but not necessarily to those who prefer a different genre altogether. 

There are some movies, however, that are almost unanimously regarded as unfunny, despite being categorized as comedy. 

1- Movie 43

Movie 43 comprises of several stories and spoofs, with twelve directors putting their efforts to make it a success. The film shows superheroes going on a date, people using truth or dare as an ice breaker, and an ideal male partner having an uncommon blemish on his neck. 

The movie featured some of the biggest names of Hollywood but still became a spectacular failure. Critics were highly confused about how the film convinced so many brilliant actors to be part of it. Maybe seeing their peers signing up for the project influenced their decisions too. However, not everyone was quick to show their willingness. Colin Farrell found a way to avoid being a part of all this while George Clooney reportedly gave a direct rejection. 

Movie 43 garnered $32.4 million against its $6 million budget, but according to critics, it was one of the worst films of all time.   

2- Disaster Movie

Disaster movie, true to its name, shows several disasters, both natural and man-made, that wreak havoc on a group of people. As the movie proceeds, these people face every conceivable disaster, from twisters to earthquakes to rabid chipmunks, etc.   

With so much action, you would imagine it to be a good film. However, it gained a lot of notoriety for being one of the worst-reviewed films of all time. Search any list of worst films of all time and you will likely come across Disaster Movie. It was directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, and it grossed $35 million against its $20 million budget. 

Friedberg and Seltzer are notorious for making terrible comedy films, with Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans and Vampires Suck as some of the examples. 

3- Jack and Jill 

In this movie, Jack is portrayed as a well-to-do advertising executive who lives with his beautiful wife and kids. The only thing he hates doing is the Thanksgiving visit to his sister Jill. However, things take a turn in the film when Al Pacino, who Jack wants to feature in an ad, take a liking to his sister. 

Jack and Jill became hugely famous for all the wrong reasons. Critics hailed it as one of the worst movies of all time, with the film receiving terrible reviews everywhere. Adam Sandler got some heavy criticism but the famous actor simply said “I didn’t get into movies to please the critics. I got into it to make people laugh and have fun with my friends.” 

Compared to the terrible reviews, Jack and Jill didn’t do spectacularly badly at the box office. It garnered $149 million against a budget of $79 million.

4- Son of the Mask 

In Son of the Mask, cartoonist Tim Avery is shown to be living a happy life until a mask appears and the peaceful life gets ruined. Norse God Loki comes after the mask, causing huge chaos and bringing about Odin’s wrath. 

The movie was originally going to feature Jim Carrey in the lead and was named The Mask II. However, when the Canadian-American actor dropped out, it became Son of the Mask, featuring Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery.

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