Music: Silver Screen Slags Playlist #4

We have a staggering collection of new tracks for your attention this month. These come courtesy of some real music icons


Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

It is a sheer delight to see Robin Thicke finally get the recognition he deserves across the globe, and this looks set to continue with the release of his sixth LP Blurred Lines. Thicke has stated that the album is sexy summer fun – and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Pet Shop Boys – Electric

After stepping away from Parlophone and moving to their own label, the Pet Shop Boys are back (less than a year after releasing 11th album, Elysium). Produced by Stuart Price, the album features singles Axis and Vocal which have made little impression on the charts, but we’re hoping to find some gems on the album.


Backstreet Boys- In A World Like This

Fresh from their cameo in This is the End, the Backstreet Boys are continuing on the comeback trail and have released one of their finest singles in years, In a World Like This. This is an anthemic pop track that showcases the band’s unforgettable vocal style, whilst reasserting their status as one of the world’s finest boybands.

Blondie – A Rose By Any Name (ft. Beth Ditto)

Taking on a more dance-centric sound than usual, Blondie’s latest single is undeniably catchy. The band team up with Gossip’s Beth Ditto, whose vocals gel with Debbie Harry’s seamlessly resulting in one of Blondie’s most distinct tracks.

Cher – Woman’s World

We’re not sure that handing out a track for free last year, then releasing said same track as a single the following year is the best marketing tactic, but it is Cher, whose madness should not be questioned. Woman’s World is not entirely worthy of the great diva’s talents but we’re glad to have her back all the same.

Earth, Wind & Fire – My Promise

2013 is the perfect time for Earth, Wind and Fire to return – funk and disco is at the top of the charts again thanks to tracks like Get Lucky and Blurred Lines. The band’s first single in eight years is a celebration of the group’s signature sound and feels like it has come straight out of their magnificent 1970s/1980s output.

Elton John – Home Again

Teaming up with Bernie Taupin and T. Bone Burnett, Elton John is back with Home Again, the lead single from his upcoming album The Diving Board. The album sees him return to a more stripped back approach with the lyrical genius listeners would expect from Taupin.

Mariah Carey – #Beautiful (Louie Vega Mix)

Exactly what the world needs, another remix of #Beautiful. Except this one is actually quite good – it ditches the rap-heavy approach Mimi’s latest remixes have taken and goes straight to the gays with a hot, summery dance remix.

Ricky Martin – Come With Me

Ricky’s latest single Come With Me (not to be confused with Come On Me) is a wonderful slice of generic dance music, but Ricky manages to pack it with his energetic charm and turn it into a modern camp anthem.

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