Evripidis and the Tragedies Release Uplifting New Synthpop Track ‘Your Dreams’

Athens-born musician Evripidis and the Tragedies return with a beautiful, hopeful new synthpop anthem titled Your Dreams. The track released in collaboration with Rachel Kennedy is nostalgic of classic eighties’ synth-gems and soars through its sense of positivity.

The blend of Evripidis and Rachel’s vocals are a gorgeous concoction, Rachel’s are airy and effervescent, Evripidis’s inspired and racked in uplifting hopefulness. Lines such as “When you´re out in the streets following your dreams, No road is too rocky, nothing is as hard as it seems,” could sound saccharine in the hands of other artist but the delivery here feels sincere – achieving a sense of positivity that many of us have been craving in 2020. There is a clear love of classic synthpop at play here as showcased perfectly in the Giorgio Moroder flavoured vocoder section around the four minute mark.

The singer pairs the track with his previous 2020 single The Reason. Stream the track above and enjoy the accompanying music video below. Connect with Evripidis and His Tragedies below:

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