Benjamin Ingrosso Delivers Synthpop Heaven in ‘Så mycket bättre’ Track ‘Only Your Heart’

Benjamin Ingrosso’s career continues to hit new highs as he currently stars on Swedish singing show Så mycket bättre (‘So Much Better’) which sees a variety of Swedish musical talent covering the songs of fellow artists. Benjamin has currently delivered versions of Långsamt farväl (by Mauro Scocco) and Tänd alla ljus (by Silvana Imam), and now turns his attention to Only Your Heart, a track made famous by Lili & Susie (their reactions are a particular joy to watch in the video).

Benjamin’s voice sounds magnificent against bouncing synths and slick up-tempo production as he delivers his incarnation of the melodramatic europop anthem. The singer has done an incredible job at projecting his unique musical style onto the tracks that he has covered so far. It is thought that Benjamin is likely to cover another three tracks for the show.

The singer has recently spoken of his desire to release a Swedish language and given that his Swedish releases from the show have landed in his nation’s top ten, we’d think that would be a good move. However, the singer has two completed English language studio albums still to be released – these will hopefully see the light of day before Benjamin moves onto a fully Swedish-language project.

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