Queer Brazilian Artist zéo Drops Mysterious Electronic Pop Track ‘Illusions’

zéo draws us into his new track Illusions with seductive vocal delivery that veers almost into spoken-word indie pop. The singer notes: “Tomorrow it’s an illusion, Today it’s an illusion, Yesterday was an illusion, the past, your past, it’s an illusion” against rippling, simmering synths – adding a sense of mystery and esoteric atmosphere to the track. A rap from Favour before a siren call and the further synth magic, creates a magical, challenging pop creation.

The track is thought to feature on zéo’s debut album: “”making sounds for fun” is zéo’s debut album, produced during lockdown. a mix of genres and languages merge into zéo’s own style, creating very distinct tracks that flow naturally with each other.”

zéo is an independent queer artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, although he now resides in Dublin. He draws inspiration from dance music, techno and house, latin and brazilian rhythms. As you can see from the imagery that accompanies Illusions, it is clear that zéo  also has a keen aesthetic eye.

Connect with the artist below: