AlexZone Debuts Raucous Early Morning Anthem ‘5am’, Details EP ‘Pop Tart: Side A’

AlexZone takes us on a raucous early-morning journey detailing a wild turn of events on a sleepless night on his brand new track. The latest single, 5am, will feature on AlexZone’s upcoming EP Pop Tart: Side A coming November 27th.

With amusing vocoder effects, AlexZone chronicles a wild late night/early morning jaunt, shining in its blisteringly energetic production and self-aware lyrics brimming with humour such as “I can’t get fast food because I’ve just gone meatless, I’m texting Holly and swapping girly secrets.” 5am actually shines as a narrative journey as well as rowdy pop-bop, with AlexZone investing us in his journey as he navigates the world of late night urban life.

You can see the full tracklist of Pop Tart: Side A below:

  1. ur nothing
  2. tie me down!
  3. take this too far
  4. fine wine (featuring holiday howe)
  5. never in love
  6. 5am

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