Jake Miller Releases Heartfelt Pop Delight ‘JUMPIN’ with Miles

Jake Miller has been having a productive 2020, releasing some of his strongest tracks this year. Following-up previous single RESET, Jake returns with JUMPIN featuring fellow pop talent Miles.

The track written by Devin Kennedy, Miles and Jake, is also produced by Devin. The handsome Florida-born star croons “I’d take your name and put it in an arrowed heart tattoo, I’m learning all the stupid shit that love can make us do, If you jump off a bridge well then I guess I’m jumpin too,” on the track which celebrates that special kind of love that overwhelms us to the point where we would do anything.

Jake packs the track with gentle heartfelt vocals which he delivers with earnest conviction. Stellar production from Kennedy, especially as electronic elements rear their head, helps the track shine as one of Jake’s strongest releases.

Stream the video for JUMPIN above.

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