DVD Review: Extraction

Nir Paniry’s indie science-fiction thriller, Extraction, hits DVD and Blu-Ray today and whilst it may not     have the highest production values – it is a stellar concept and impressively executed.

Extraction follows Tom (Sasha Roiz), an engineer who invents a device that allows him to enter the minds of patients and observe their memories. However, when testing the device out on a convict, Tom is trapped is trapped in the criminal’s mind and realises that there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Nir Paniry’s screenplay immediately sparks parallels with features like Inception – with Extraction feeling like a stripped-down, equally dramatic interpretation of similar themes. The lack of extreme special effects and action scenes means that Extraction has a low-key and realistic atmosphere with slightly more brains than your average genre flick. Paniry brings a strong sense of freshness to the film, touching on intriguing concepts of the morality behind such a device and suggesting fears of corporate misuse – a stirring parallel to contemporary criticisms of society’s over-surveillance.

Actor Sasha Roiz leads the film with an impressive central performance bringing a further sense of realism and intrigue to Extraction, as well as a welcome emotional edge. Roiz’s co-stars Dominic Bogart and Jenny Mollen are equally convincing and well-cast.

Occasionally Extraction’s aesthetic feels more like a Sci-Fi Channel TV movie than a standalone feature – with props (most notably the Thomas’ scientific device) and sets looking rather cheap. This small budget also results in Extraction occasionally looking quite drab and void of any distinct style – meaning the film is less visually pleasing than traditional science fiction features.

Extraction is an intelligent and well-performed feature that covers some extremely interesting ground – despite lacking the highest of production values.


You can buy Extraction on Amazon.

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