Trailer: Catherine Hardwicke’s Plush

They say sex sells? Well that certainly seems to be the approach that Catherine Hardwicke’s Plush is taking if the trailer is anything to go by.

Billed as an erotic thriller, Plush follows a young up-and-coming rock star (Emily Browning) who’s mental state hits a downward spiral after the death of her band mate brother. The arrival of a handsome yet mysterious new guitarist (Xavier Samuel) only serves to complicate matters further. Cam Gigandet and Thomas Dekker co-star.

The trailer is likely to leave you infectiously chanting “I’m too sexual” so beware what comes out of your mouth if you’re popping round to see Grandma at the weekend.

Plush hits US cinemas on the 13th of September, no word on a UK date as of yet. You can see the trailer below.