R3HAB, Astrid S and HRVY Combine Forces for ‘Am I the Only One’

Moroccan/Dutch DJ R3HAB (the gorgeous Fadil El Ghoul) is one of the most productive men in the music industry – he teams up with the equally gorgeous and equally productive HRVY and Norwegian pop starlet Astrid S for Am I the Only One.

The track, written by Hannah Wilson, Maria Jane Smith, Victor Thell & R3HAB, concerns two lovers each questioning if they are the only one in each other’s lives. With slick and infectious production from R3HAB, paired with the sultry vocals of Astrid and HRVY’s natural charm and conviction, Am I the Only One is a pop triumph.

With a soaring chorus from the vocalists, R3HAB’s woozy electronic production builds to a triumphant levels on the punchy two-minute thirty second anthem.

Stream Am I the Only One below.

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