Los Angeles-Based Queer Pop Artist Mike Taveira Releases Dreamy Pop Delight ‘Karma’

Queer pop sensation Mike Taveria drops his latest single Karma this week. The hansome Los Angeles based star notes: “Karma is the breakup anthem for anyone who feels like their ex has yet received the karma they deserve.” Packed with unforced, dreamy pop production that feels slick and engaging, Mike gently guides us through the savvy, tongue-in-cheek musical treat.

“Did karma take a break and forget about you? / Cause she’s a bitch to everybody but never to you / And you get rewarded with breakfast in bed / While I can’t afford it, I’m crying instead,” Mike sings on the track which tackles the frustrating idea that karma doesn’t always hit those that deserve it. Mike’s vocals are relaxed and unforced on Karma, whilst calmly drawing us into the emotional story that feels relatable and sincere.

Karma is accompanied by a dodgeball themed video with creative direction from Mike and Canada’s Drag Race favourite Lemon. The video does an impressive job at adding a sense of levity and light-heartedness to a frustrating concept, yet thankfully Mike makes things even easier with some fetching gym gear and a couple of shirtless shots.

The track follows Mike’s previous musical triumphs, 2019’s emotive heartbreak anthem Heart and the electronic R&B flavours of pansexual pop treat Curious earlier this year.

Connect with Mike on his socials below. Stream Karma above.


Below Photos: Official Credit – David-Simon Dayan