Aspiring Queer Talent Regulus Red Celebrates The Release of ‘Red Prince of the Night’ EP

We recently raved about Regulus Red’s most recent single Body Rock which features on the rising pop talent’s freshly-dropped EP Red Prince of the Night. The track is accompanied by six others including an instrumental and remix. Listeners may also be aware of songs Wanna See You Naked and All For Himself which feature alongside new tracks House of God and Metallic Dreams.

Regulus states: “This record sings about sex, about our pumping blood, about all of the darkest thoughts, about raw songs making love to your desires. I want to celebrate this life, and this is how I know to do it the best.” This is undeniably showcased in the range of musical styles and atmospheric pop productions which fill the release. The singer adds:

“Life is an intense fairytale and this EP is the prologue of my life. I hope you can appreciate the choice of sounds and lyrics that I created with the help of my friend and composer Future Humans.”

Check out the full tracklist below.

1.Metallic Dreams 03:05
2.All For Himself 03:33
3.Wanna See You Naked 03:29
4.Body Rock 03:32
5.The House Of God 03:48
6.All For Himself (RAFA Remix) 02:15
7.The House Of God (Instrumental) 03:48

Connect with Regulus Red below:

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