Sergey Lazarev Drops New Russian Pop Anthem ‘НеОдиночки’ (‘Not Loners’)

Sergey Lazarev releases his latest Russian language bop, dubbed Not Loners (or in its original Russian НеОдиночки), the track retains the two-time Eurovision favourite’s preference for eighties inspired synths.

With gradually mounting production, Sergey’s vocals are the star of the show as the track builds to a grandiose synth-packed chorus with a rousing electronic beat powering throughout the anthemic single. The track sees Sergey sing about how he is no longer on his own, crooning: “It’s over, We are not loners, We are not loners anymore, And tonight everything will be just / Will be just for love.”

The track follows Sergey’s previous Russian language singles of 2020 “последний день помпеи”, “Лабиринт” and “Я не могу молчать”. Sergey’s sole English language release of the year has been Back in Time with DJ Ivan Martin. It is hoped that Sergey will surprise his legions of English-speaking fans with an album of English versions of his recent Russian tracks – just as he did with album V Epitsentre and its English counterpart The One back in 2018.

Stream Not Loners above.

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