Aspiring Queer Talent Bentley Robles Unveils New Electronic Pop Single ‘Cardiac’

Aspiring queer talent Bentley Robles has been celebrating the release of his latest single Cardiac. The track is an escapist slice of high energy pop music with immaculate production and charismatic vocal presence from Bentley.

The singer tells us: “The song captures the energy of letting go of your inhibitions and falling in love with the moment. We all crave a good night out, the kind that makes you forget about all the pressures of being an adult in this day and age.” This feels prevalent in the euphoric electronic production which conjures up imagery of vibrant nightlife and the excitement and energy of a pre-COVID night out.

Cardiac is constructed by producer Matty Marz and was engineered by Ryan Schumer, who help bring Bentley’s lyrics and melodies to life to craft a joyous pop floorfiller. With lines like “This rhythm feels so good its practically cardiac, might catch the subway to the moon and take an uber right back,” capturing the escapist nightclub feel that Bentley seeks to.

You can stream Bentley’s Cardiac above and connect with him on his social channels here.

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