Spanish Rising Musical Talent Friedriich Releases Electro-Country Debut Single ‘Live and Forget’

Rising talent Friedriich has delivered a wonderfully unique debut single with Live and Forget, which he dubs “a country pop tune about allowing yourself to dig into past memories in order to move forward.” The Barcelona native draws on his love of pop culture within his music and cites Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey and Marina as inspirations – as well as a childhood listening to icons such as Shania Twain and The Spice Girls.

The Spanish singer describes his philosophy as a very simple one: wanting to move people with his music, and Live and Forget certainly does that. With reflective and relatable lyrics that explore coming to terms with past memories as a means of progressing in life paired with an infectious production style that fuses acoustic guitar sounds with electronic beats. Friedriich’s accented vocals and the track’s instrumental breakdowns help it shine as a unique piece of pop music.

Friedriich notes that topics he has been writing about include “overthinking, anxiety, pride, and loss,” which we are likely to hear about in his future musical releases. Colour us excited.

You can connect with Friedriich below and watch the video for his debut track Live and Forget above.

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